disinfo cover smallDisinformation

Picador, 2015; 80pp; ISBN 9781447271147

“Eight years in the making since her first volume, Public Dream, Disinformation does not disappoint. This is poetry of a rare seriousness and excellence.” – Times Literary Supplement

“Frances Leviston’s second collection, Disinformation, is the sound of a sophisticated poet asserting her independence [...] This is writing that will endure.” – The Sunday Times

“Whatever form Leviston chooses, from the abbreviated sonnets of “Athenaeum” to a clipped short-lined quatrain or the rangy rhymed octets of “Woodland Burial”, she achieves a sense of decisive cleanliness, the momentum of the verse matching the steady completeness of her attention and then shifting gear at need.” – Guardian

“Leviston, like Elizabeth Bishop, whose influence is acknowledged directly in the poem ‘Bishop in Louisiana’, is brilliant – almost claustrophobically so – at the precise unfolding of a probing consciousness on the page.” – Poetry Review

Frances Leviston’s second collection of poems, Disinformation, displays a most beguiling voice, deeply thoughtful, varied in tone from innocent to sharp, and ending with an urgent series of questions about where our stories are taking us.” – Marina Warner, TLS Books of the Year

The two individual poetry books that I returned to most often for the precise, scalpel-like sophistication of their technique – by which a steely knowledge of the world was revealed just below a limpid surface of anecdotal language – were Frances Leviston’s Disinformation and Claudia Rankine’s Citizen.” – Jeremy Noel-Tod, TLS Books of the Year

“The 2015 Best Collection Award goes to Frances Leviston’s Disinformation: technically achieved, somehow ruthless and generous at the same time: a substantial advance on Leviston’s already astonishing debut, Public Dream.” – London Review Bookshop

“Frances Leviston’s Disinformation is so good it makes one nervous.” – Poetry London


Public Dream

Public Dream

Picador, 2007; 50pp; ISBN 9780330440547

Shortlisted for the T S Eliot Prize, the Jerwood-Aldeburgh Prize and the Forward Prize for Best First Collection.

‘Superb…technical mastery and fresh, unrehearsed sensibility is what makes this collection so exciting.’ – The Times

“Frances Leviston’s excellent début… has the enviable knack of making the dense and complex seem effortless, offering subtle conclusions with an irresistible lightness of touch” – The Guardian

“This is the best first book I have read for years; I am sure there is a great deal more to come from Frances Leviston” – Bernard O’Donoghue

“Frances Leviston’s coolly intelligent Public Dream combines technical mastery with a lucidity that verges on the hypnotic” – The Independent

Public Dream is a first book of real interest, not least because it is a book with an abiding preoccupation by a poet who is both formally adept and who needs to find out what language can do for her” – The Observer

“[A] first book of considerable assurance and promise” – The Sunday Times

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